Radiant radiant floors offer a long list of benefits

I reside in the northern region of the country.

It’s usually necessary to start up the heating unit sometime in October.

It’s not a surprise to have a couple inches of snow on the ground by Halloween. The chilly weather often lasts through Easter. We survive temperatures below freezing for approximately six to eight straight months. Sporadically, the temperature dips down to twenty-two below zero and the windchill makes it feel even worse. The heating unit is a necessity and a large expense. My house is outfitted with a boiler. The only negative of a boiler is that it won’t accommodate a cooling system. Due to the weather in our local area, this isn’t a drawback. I am always anxious to opening the windows in the summer. I enjoy the fresh air and the cost savings. In the winter, the boiler maintains a very pleasant temperature. It is a hydronic heating system, which means that it relies on water to transport heat energy. There is a network of looping pipes concealed under the floors that transport the heated water. The heat is spread consistently across the floor, from corner to corner, and it rises quite slowly. There are no drafts or cold pockets. All of the objects standing on the floor are warmed. The radiant heated floors enable me to set a lower thermostat setting without the house feeling chilly. I like that the boiler accommodates zone control. This provides further energy savings. I never maintain empty rooms at the perfect temperature. I can answer to personal preference and focus heat to those areas that tend to feel cold on especially chilly nights.


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