Fulfilling heating and cooling requirements with a smart thermostat

My name is Anne.

I am employed as a personal assistant by a semi-famous singer and songwriter named Sarah.

Everyone sees Sarah as a bit of a diva, and the majority of the time, they are right. She is rather demanding. Sarah has a long list of wants and no problem making her displeasure known. She never wants to be kept waiting and is fine with bossing people around. As her personal assistant, my responsibility is to keep her calm and happy. I provide anything she needs. Sarah has detailed demands when it comes to indoor temperature. She is comfortable only within a tight range. She says she can’t possibly sleep unless the thermostat is set to exactly 71 degrees in the Summer and 74 during the winter. In the morning, she wants the have the temperature at around 75 in the summer weather and up to 78 degrees in the winter. When she workouts, she prefers cooler temperatures. When I was first hired as her assistant, I was perpetually running to adjust the thermostat. I finally figured out how to simplify my job and keep Sarah more comfortable. I got in touch with an HVAC corporation and invested in a wireless thermostat for the house. The smart thermostat automatically adapts to accommodate Sarah’s preferences. If there is an alteration in our schedule, it’s easy for me to raise or lower the temperature. I have access via an app on my smartphone. I can raise or lower the temperature from anywhere we happen to be. I also receive reminders for service needs and alerts for any problems. I take better care of Sarah as well as the heating plus cooling equipment. We also have trimmed a significant amount off the yearly energy expenses.


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