Air conditioner in new place is costly to operate

As soon as possible, I rented a better place

Because of a new job, I transferred down south a couple of years ago. I was not offered much advance notice and needed to complete the move super fast. I barely had the chance to pack up my belongings and make the long sixteen hour drive. I ended up choosing a house from some photos I found online. I made sure to pick a locale in close proximity to our work. I prioritized covered parking and quick access to restaurants, grocery and gas stations. I should have paid closer attention to the details. I wasn’t considering that the utilities weren’t included in the cost of the rent. I wasn’t aware that the air conditioner was downright ancient until I moved in. When I saw the yellowed plastic dial for the thermostat, I got a bit nervous. The thermostat was definitely much older than I am. Even in early April, the outside temperature was terribly hot, with high humidity, and a/c was essential. I lowered the thermostat and the air conditioner offered a horrible screeching noise. The air coming from the vents was not all that cold and smelled musty. The air conditioner put out hardly any air. It ran non stop yet couldn’t manage demand. The house always felt a slightly hot and clammy. The smell of the air conditioned air sometimes gave me a headache. My electric bills were so high that I gave thought to taking on another job. Unfortunately, I’d signed a year’s lease, so I was stuck in that apartment. As soon as possible, I rented a better place. Although the rent was considerably higher, I still saved money because of the superior efficiency of the air conditioner. Plus, I am now so much more comfortable because I have access to a modern air conditioner.

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