Air conditioning would have been beneficial for wedding

I was sure an outside wedding ceremony would be lovely.

I chose a beautiful meadow and knew it was the ideal location. We set up a little gazebo, sufficient chairs and tons of potted roses for decoration. Unfortunately, on the morning of the wedding ceremony, there was an abrupt rainshower. It rained long enough to turn the ground muddy. When it was time for the ceremony, the sun came out and the temperature rose up to 91 degrees. The humidity was awful, plus there was a concern with flies as well as mosquitos. The whole bridal party was saturated in sweat. Everyone was slapping at bugs, and we all ended up sunburned. It would have really nice to have access to a thermostat and some a/c. I was grateful that I had decided to hold the reception indoors. The bridal party and guests were in a huge rush to get indoors. We took hardly any pictures outdoors because we were all so miserable. It was such a relief to climb into the air conditioned limousine for the trip to the reception hall. When I stepped inside the venue, I realized there was a problem. It didn’t seem any cooler than the outdoor temperature. I located a manager and inquired about a/c. I was informed that the air conditioner had quit the night before. They had called for HVAC repair but the contractor had not yet shown up. We kept all of the windows and doors wide open, but there was no breeze. The site was terribly hot and sticky. The cake frosting melted, everyone drank too much alcohol and most of the guests ducked out early.

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