Hot yoga means working out in a really hot studio

Yoga is a really great way to relieve stress, improve flexibility, and build strength.

  • This type of workout has calming effects on the central nervous system.

As someone who usually performs yoga in a cool, air conditioned space, I was skeptical of the latest fad called hot yoga. It is done in a deliberately too hot studio, often in temperatures up to 100 degrees. When I took my first class, I saw that there were a couple of space heaters plugged in as well as overhead HVAC vents in the ceilings. I checked out the thermostat, and saw that the temperature was set to 95 degrees. I can’t even begin to calculate the cost of the studio’s energy bills. I wasn’t sure I was prepared to stretch and workout in such a hot studio. I was on the verge of turning right around, getting into my air conditioned truck and doing my workout at home. I usually set the thermostat a little cooler than normal for my workouts. I am convinced that the a/c helps me to exert myself. However, the instructor stopped me and promised that after the first session, I would realize that the heated studio was a great idea. Before beginning the class, the professor raised the thermostat setting by several degrees. I was already drenched with sweat before we even began. I felt the heat from the space heaters hitting me. The first few minutes had me feeling slightly lightheaded. I gradually got accustomed to the hot yoga studio. I was dripping sweat, but I felt very relaxed and able to stretch. When class concluded, the instructor turned on a few fans. I was anxious to step into the reception area where the air conditioner was providing cool air.


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