Need to call an HVAC contractor for repair of the furnace

When the weather turned chilly in the fall, I raised the thermostat setting and figured the furnace would start up and keep the house warm.

Instead, there was a weird screeching noise and a blast of musty air.

Since the furnace had been doing nothing throughout the Spring and summer, I assumed it was just a little dusty. I hoped that once it ran for a few hours, it would work out the concerns. Unfortunately, the operation of the gas furnace became worse with time. The outside temperature plummeted to twenty-two below zero and there was a brutal wind chill. The heating unit was expected to run pretty much non stop. It was handling a heavy workload and the strain was simply too much. I should have set up a repair. Instead, I ignored all of the issues until the furnace eventually quit. It malfunctioned during the middle of the night, and the outside temperature was down below zero. I couldn’t leave my family without heat until regular business hours on Monday. I had to call for emergency overtime service right away. I had to pay extra for the rushed service. When the HVAC serviceman took the furnace apart, he found a major accumulation of dust and other contaminants. This debris had clogged airflow and caused furnace to overheat. I was lucky that the heat exchanger wasn’t wrecked. The repair wasn’t all that complicated or costly. It only required a good cleaning. I should have had the furnace professionally inspected during the late summer to make sure it was prepared for the Winter workload.

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