Stupid mice, ruining my heating system!

The winter before this past one, there was some serious issues had when we had some mice in the house.

When I say that we have had major troubles, I’m talking over three hundred mice dead on the ground and hundreds more to go.

I’ve never seen anything like it! The mice started showing up when the furnace broke down in the fall. As the temperatures began to get much cooler out, the mice showed up en masse. They must have realized that there was shelter nearby, which had heat – and food. Our house was unfortunately the closest and warmest place for miles, so of course the mice used us for shelter! As the oil furnace chugged along for the winter, they just kept building their army. Traps, poison, none of it fixed the problem! We must’ve killed an entire population twice over, and yet they remained. It was horrible! The worst part was that the little rodents managed to chew through some cables for the heating system. I woke up one morning in that winter, and quickly realized that the temperature in the house was freezing cold! Plugging in space heaters seemed to accomplish nothing at all, as the furnace just had to get fixed to really address the issue. The house remained cold until then! Once I knew and confirmed that the rodents had chewed right through the heating system cables, I called up one of those Heating, Ventilation and A/C service providers. He told me that I would need an electrician to service this! Whatever the case, I’m just glad to be getting the thing fixed.



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