When the summer is coming, you better be prepared!

With the Spring weather arriving in the area, it’s finally over – winter, I mean.

You have just endured a terrible winter, complete with all of the freezing temperatures and snow.

The furnace can finally take a break after running for three months straight, and in a perfect world you wouldn’t have had to spend any cash on major repairs to the oil furnace just to get through. Now that spring approaches, using the furnace is less of a need and more of a “why not” until those perfect Springtime temperatures arrive! Nothing escapes this kind of bliss when you are able to live in your home separate from either an a/c or a oil furnace. With the temperatures getting warmer though, there are a few things that you can do! For one, taking the heat trapping tarps off the window is a big step to take. That alone will allow you to open your windows, and enable you to delay the operation of your air conditioning system! Fans will begin to be spread around in your house, which will also allow you to control the temperature separate from an a/c. But eventually, the day will come when you will need to get your a/cs ready for use. Regardless of whatever type of a/c you have, the first step is always to clean your a/c. With that, making sure that the air conditioning system is cleaned and primed for use will help to ensure that the house stays nice and cool all summer long.


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