Preparing for the winter has several steps – don’t miss a single one!

Well, here comes Winter! Yes, the time that you have been dreading for weeks is finally upon you, and you aren’t ready. You’ve been too busy having a wonderful little summer, filled with fun and memories with the family. Beach and pool days are through – time for hot chocolate, bonfires and more! While fall started to approach though, it was best if you realized that colder weather was coming, and soon, you would have to prepare your home for freezing temperatures. If you didn’t, no worries, you can start now! Taking all of your air conditioning systems out of the windows and putting them away in storage is the first step. With the house being pretty warm still, it’s best that a heavy blanket or two is placed over the windows. This will help to delay the onslaught of winter, and how it penetrates the house with its coldness. From there, portable space heaters should be bought and put into place in strategic locations all around the house. There’s plenty of places for it to be put, . You also had to find heavier blankets, which would allow you to turn your control component to a cooler temperature at evening. You also would need to call up one of those Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service technicians, and have them come out to your home to investigate the furnace and ensure it’s ready for use. They’ll also clean the air ducts out, and work to prevent any odors from coming once the oil furnace is on for the first time. Best of all, he can tell you if any furnace repairs are needed soon! Do this, and you’ll be ready as ever for winter.


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