Household items and oddities that can make heating the homestead much easier!

Lower utility bills and saved cash sounds like a dream come true right, especially during the winter? Well, dream no longer.

  • I’ve been splitting costs everywhere in my house, though I couldn’t get anywhere with my bills for the longest time.

My oil furnace was at the lowest temperature that I dared to put it at without my family being too cold! It wasn’t until a neighbor of mine told me about how I could use weird steps to help save currency on my heating costs. The main thing he preached to me about was how plastic curtains on my windows would make the biggest difference of all. See, the oil furnace can work hard all day and night. As pumps out heat for your home, it still can’t fight against the windows. These portholes draw all of the warm air out of the house, replacing it with freezing air! Placing some form of cover over your windows will make it so you can help trap the warm air that your oil furnace is creating in your home. Saving cash on heating costs can be done by purchasing a space heater as well, which can be used to adjust the control component for the rest of your home, and also control sections for heating in the house. Do what you must to make sure you can heat your house, but keep in mind that a proper heating system will use a ton of energy! Using a portable space heater will help a ton with reducing energy expenditure, and also help you stay warm where it counts.



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