Far northern weather, meet car with no heating!

No furnace in the car is like having no gas in the tank – it’s practically impossible to get to a resolution, unless you’re motivated! One of the worst things that you can do for yourself is go without a heating system! When I bought this car, I did so online – and I wanted to buy a super cheap vehicle that would last me for about a year.

  • That was an oversight! The vehicle had a running motor, sure – there was a lot of issues with the fenders that I was willing to overlook.

Another main problem with the vehicle was that it had no heating system! I guess the last owner had bypassed the furnace somehow, as it was blowing antifreeze on the windows whenever the gas furnace was supposed to be running. What kind of fresh hell was this? I didn’t realize this when I bought the car, as it was the middle of summer when I bought it! I already knew that the air conditioning system didn’t work, but I thought nothing of the oil furnace! However, when the temperatures started getting cooler, I realized what a fool I was to overlook something so critical. Once the gas furnace started blowing, only freezing air came out. I live in the north too, so oil heating systems are a way of life up here. From then on, I had to learn how to take measures into my own hands. All of this extra effort, just to ensure that my vehicle was ready for the Winter! Let me tell you, that will definitely be the last time I make such a stupid investment. I’ll be paying for this one for years to come, I know it!


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