Living in a world without HVAC systems is living in a world in which I don’t belong!

Look, I’m no hero.

Valor isn’t my forte, and being a brave soul is for someone other than me.

I could never survive without many of the awesome luxuries that we’ve come to take for granted today! I don’t want to live like my ancestors did even a hundred years ago, as they had no oil heating systems or air conditioning systems! These are vital for me. With no idea of how to start a fire, using a wood stove as my primary heat source would be a disaster! Furnaces are awesome because they are so convenient, so without any form of a furnace, I would have no heat during the evening at my house! Oil heating systems work tediously to keep me warm throughout the entire day, so I never have to be worried about being cold in this lifetime – as long as I have power, of course. A/C systems make a world of a difference too, as they would leave me in a state of constant terror from dealing with hot summer weather. A/C systems work to reduce the temperature as well as the humidity in a house, and they help me to survive those hot and humid weeks! If somebody were to take my air conditioning system away from me, I’m pretty sure I would just give up and die right there.cSeriously! If our world ever changed, and the temperature was so warped that we all had intensely different seasons throughout the year, I would have to have my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C units!

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