Getting a new furnace sounds like a wise investment, but I may be mistaken

I have this old oil furnace that works entirely too well for how old it is.

  • When I bought the house years and years ago, I was already concerned that the oil furnace was a bit too outdated for the house.

I wanted a lower price for the house though, as I felt I would have to pay for updating the oil furnace sooner than preferred. I have been living at this house for so long though, and only now have I seen that that fear was completely unjustified. Since the oil furnace works so well to this day, I have not had to spend a dime on any Heating, Ventilation plus A/C services. While that could be on behalf of me having this pre-existing Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service agreement, I have been wondering about doing an update for the oil furnace anyway. While the outdated oil furnace is working just fine, there are multiple benefits that would make an update for the oil furnace entirely useful to me! For one, a new heating systems is far more efficient for energy use compared to the old models like mine. On top of that, there’s a major tax credit to keep in mind! Yes, that’s right: newer oil heating systems come with the ability to get a tax credit because the government prefers citizens that use efficient Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment! On top of all of these reasons, I could purchase a new oil furnace that came with more duct hookups, as that means I could add more vents to my home. More vents, more air circulation!