A great little home gym

My gym buddies have been Mark and Tom for many years now.

Sometimes we will meet up for drinks, but usually we just see each other in the weight room.

Well, all of that changed when the pandemic started. We were all stuck at home, and none of us liked it. I mentioned that I had a two car garage that was sitting mostly empty, and that was the impetus for our plan. If we couldn’t meet at the weight room for a few months, then maybe we just needed to put together our own! The equipment we had was not on par with that of the gym, of course, but anyone into physical fitness knows that the equipment isn’t the most important part. A good personal trainer can custom tailor a routine for any body type, to help them achieve the goals they want. In other words ,if you are willing to put in the work, a personal trainer can give you a road map to physical fitness. With our combined knowledge of weight lifting, cross fit, and yoga, we could easily turn our home gym into something special. We couldn’t open up to the public, because we didn’t have the needed certification and licensure to be a real gym, but we could still invite our friends! I think the home gym experiment was a roaring success, because if nothing else it helped us and a few of our friends stay focused on working out and staying fit during an uncertain time. Do I even want to go back to a real gym?

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