Getting comfortable at the gym

I made a New Year’s resolution to get in better physical shape. I was determined to lose ten pounds and focus on my health. When I saw an ad online for a half-priced gym membership, I was thrilled. I was able to fill out all of the information and pay the fees through the computer. I even too a virtual tour of the gym and learned about how to properly use the different equipment. I was to excited that I immediately went out and bought a workout wardrobe. I invested in good quality sneakers and clothes designed to wick away moisture. I even treated myself to new water bottle and sweat towel. When it was time to actually step inside the gym, I was rather intimidated. Watching a video on how to use the elliptical, battle ropes and strength training machines is very different than actually do it. The other people working out all appeared really comfortable and familiar with the equipment. Everyone seemed to be in fantastic shape. I was worried about making an idiot of myself. I decided to start on the treadmill. I knew that it would be simple to figure out and anyone can manage to run. I was only able to run for a couple of minutes. I ended up walking for an hour. Even though it was discouraging, I kept going back and returning to the treadmill. I gradually improved my stamina, speed and distance until I could sprint for ten miles. I then had the confidence to try out some other machines. I’ve been a member fo the gym for almost a year now. I’ve made sure to use every piece of equipment.

Workout classes