Yoga helps with depression

My younger brother has suffered from depression since high school.

He’s gone through counselling and been on various medications.

He doesn’t like the side-effects of the perscriptions and often refuses to take them. He’s had problems with drug and alcohol abuse. I constantly worry about him. I’ve tried to get him involved with different types of activities. He and I joined a white water rafting club. We’ve participated in book clubs, cooking classes, woodworking classes and volunteered at the pet shelter. He was never all that interested. I always had to force him to go along with me. About two years ago, I signed us up for gym memberships. My brother was not pleased when I told him that we’d be heading to the gym at least three times per week and taking a yoga class on Saturday mornings. Our first day at the gym was a little intimidating for both of us. We weren’t realy sure how to use the equipment properly, but we really liked taking advantage of the steam room and hot tub. The yoga class was amazing. We both benefited from it. Along with working on improving our physical, the exercises are focused on centering the mind and alleviating negative thoughts. We go through deep stretching exercises and poses that involve strength and balance. At first, my brother and I could only manage the most basic poses. As we both practiced and progressed, we were proud of our improvement. It has given my brother a sense of accomplishment. He was suddenly eager to get in better physical shape. He enjoyed having more energy and feeling fit and strong.

Personal Trainer