I knew the smart control unit was a nice present because it would lower the energy costs

I have a wifey who is obsessed with 2 things, candles and a/c.

When I first met her, I was surprised at the temperature control settings in her place.

Not only does she have the central Heating and Air Conditioning plan cranked up to the max, however she also has a window a/c unit in her family room. She says that the a/c in her room helps her to sleep well in the night minutes. She also has a ton of candles of all varieties. She has a bunch of scented candles, religious candles, and various decorative candles. I don’t think I have ever seen so several candles. She loves to light a candle, crank up the a/c and go to sleep. I didn’t think that was the safest thing to be doing, however the candle would be lit in a fairly safe area, so I think she was alright. When both of us started going out, I knew exactly what she loved, so it’s not so hard getting her presents. She loves nothing better than a nice candle-lit passionate lunch, so I do this with her as often as I can. I have gotten used to her care about for candles. Whenever both of us are in her place, she always has a candle lit somewhere. The one afternoon, I decided to purchase her a nice smart control unit. She easily loved it and I installed it for her. When she first was able to adjust the temperature control settings with her PC, she couldn’t think it. I knew it would also be great for her because smart control units lower the energy costs.



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