Need to fix that a/c

To each their own – that’s the motto I live by, & everyone else should do the same, then see, when I moved up north after years of living in the deep south, I was honestly overwhelmed with delight just because of how comfortable it was… The air quality just couldn’t be beat this far north! Plus, the summer time weather this far north is hardly hot, or even warm for that matter! The hottest afternoon I’ve seen up here was eighty degrees.

That’s nothing! With that in mind, I have a difficult time taking our friends here seriously when they say I should get our window a/c machine fixed for our home.

See, I’ve had this window cooling system machine since I moved in. I thought for sure that I was going to need it, but it wound up being easily mild & comfortable up here, but for 5 years, that window cooling system machine has worked faithfully to keep the place cool & comfortable. The thing is, I hardly needed it – this apartment has constantly been reasonably cool or warm while I was in the summer time weeks. So, I guess I might just leave the cooling system machine broken… However, I will admit that I’ve been doing some research into other options for heating & cooling in our house. I guess that central a/c would be a immense plus for me, especially if I decide to resell the home in a few years to traninterest across town. I just don’t guess – I guess I might have to make that investment just in case the next summer time isn’t so fair.

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