I need to replace my furnace

My furnace has definitely reached the last stage of its service life.

  • The heating system has been providing for our home every winter since my family moved in.

We purchased the property over fifteen years ago, and the system wasn’t new at the time. Although I’ve been good about replacing the air filter every month and scheduling professional maintenance every fall, the furnace has experienced a great deal of wear and tear. I typically need to start up the heater sometimes in September, and it runs constantly until the middle of April. The temperature is often below freezing and it’s not unusual for it to drop down to negative twenty-five. Over the last couple of years, the heating system has required at least one repair every winter. Although most of the services are minor, the expense is starting to add up. I’ve also noticed that the furnace is running more often and struggling to keep up with demand. On especially cold nights, it doesn’t matter how high I adjust the thermostat, the house feels chilly. My heating bills are steadily higher, and there’s definitely more dust blowing around. I’m worried about problems with indoor air quality, safety and system failure. If the furnace quits in the middle of a blizzard, my family would be in trouble. We can’t survive in our house without heat, and there’s the very real possibility of water pipes freezing. Rather than wait for an emergency, I need to be proactive and have a new furnace installed over the summer. This would give me the opportunity to research makes and models of furnaces as well as the local HVAC contractors.



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