Need a good heater for honeymoon

My fiance and I are getting married soon and then going on our honeymoon in a different state.

It is going to be on the other side of the country during the winter season.

I am used to doing tropical vacations. When I research I look into proximity to a beach, rum tours, hotels with good AC and fitness centers. For this trip it is a whole different ball game. The location has tons of national parks that are good for hiking. I also am looking into wine tours, shopping and good restaurants. The hotels have proved difficult. I want a hotel that has good heating and a spa. During our trip I planned for my fiance and I to drive a little further south in a remote area. I have looked into vrbo and airbnb at different houses and cabins. The one place I like has a fireplace as the heater. This has me a little worried. I am a northern gal. I am used to boilers, radiators, furnaces and other hardacore heating equipment. I have never dealt with a wimpy fireplace before. They are not known for being very powerful. The area isn’t supposed to get colder than 50 degrees. Can this heating system handle that type of cold? I also am having trouble connecting with the host. I want to know if the fireplace is powered by gas, electric or is a wood burning one. According to google, there is a big difference in power between the three. The last thing I want on our trip is to freeze.

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