Porch time is ruined in the summer

My fiance and I have porch time.

Every Saturday the two of us go to the local bakery and get a treat. We usually each get a cookie for Saturday and a scone for sunday. We eat our sweet treat and drink coffee in the mornings. We can look at the squirrels, butterflies and grasshoppers in our lanw. Our cat typically comes and sits on his own chair and is just hanging out with us. It is so nice to have that time. In the summer it is really difficult to do porch time. The sun bales right into the porch and hits you in the face. The heat and humidity is rough too. During the fall or winter, my fiance and I can sit on the porch for almost two hours. In the summer we can only manage around 30 minutes. Our poor cat ducks inside to enjoy the cooling system. Sometimes we try to do our porch time only in the living room. The AC makes the temperature right and a little more enjoyable but it isn’t the same. Eating a sweet treat on the couch means crumbs that I need to sweep or vacuum up afterwards. There Is nothing to see but the TV. My fiance is always tempted to turn on the news and that drives me away. It isn’t as peaceful and calming. Our talks usually end up being a little more hostile too. It is just better when we can have ideal outdoor weather and enjoy our porch. You can’t have everything though.

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