Outdoor vs indoor running

I am a runner. Just about everyday I do a run for my workout. I love running outside the best. I prefer to run around my property so I can be barefoot. That way if I need to pee, get more water, a sweat rag or just stop, I can because my house is right there. I feel it is better for my feet to not be in sneakers. I like that there are no potholes, traffic, pedestrians, dogs or even uneven turf messin with my run too. I love fall and early winter the best for runs. The temperatures are just perfect. Once it gets too cold or too warm, I am forced to run on the treadmill. It is not as fun running inside. I get to stare at a wall rather than look around my property. I have to hop off the treadmill to pee or wipe my face. I also need to deal with my home HVAC unit. In the winter the house needs the heating system going. I can’t really turn it off just for my run. The rest of the family would be too cold. So I run a little too hot all winter long. In the summer the house is heavily relying on AC. At first the cooling system made my run unpleasant. My muscles are cold and tight. If I get past that initial heap, I can enjoy my run with the AC blowing on me. It actually feels good to not sweat to death. I need to work for it though. I would rather be outside at the end of the day. The treadmill really does bother my bare feet too.


HVAC professional