I thought a HVAC system was a one size fits all deal

It was shocking to me that I was actually buying a house on the beach.

My friends thought I was impractical since I worked so far away in the city.

But, I had a plan and was ready to set it in action. When the pandemic started, I began staying with a friend who had a house on the beach. My friend was so happy since he worked remotely and his work was interrupted by quarantine. On the other hand, I had to leave work and get paid half the salary. I had no clue if I would even have a job to come back to at the end of the pandemic. I saw the beauty of living in such a nice area and I even started doing some freelance jobs, however after some time, I got a customer who wanted to hire me permanently as a remote worker for a popular international blog; So, I put together some of the money I had saved up and put an offer on a beach house. The offer was accepted and after that, I quit my job in the city. The house was so appealing, and it was already Spring, so I had to get an AC system in it before the extreme summertime season. I went to see an AC supplier in the city to talk about a new air-conditioning system. However, he suggested first to find an air conditioning expert to measure the size of my system to make sure it’s the right type for my new home. Up until then, I always thought there was only one size of a system for all homes. But, I was wrong about that. Actually, getting the wrong size air conditioning system can have negative effects on your cooling. The AC expert was right and the HVAC technician that I hired was a ton of help and got the right AC system for my home. I was ready for the hot summer to come.



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