The HVAC technician was such a big help

I really couldn’t believe my dream was coming true and that I was buying a beach house.

My friends thought I was so impractical because my job was located in the city far away.

But I had a plan and I was ready to put it into action. When the pandemic hit, I went and temporarily stayed with a friend who lived on the beach. She was so happy since she could work remotely from home. But me on the other hand, had to work for half of my salary and wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to keep my job for that long. I started doing some freelance gigs and after some time, I found an employer that wanted to hire me permanently as a remote employee for an international blog. I put together all of the money I had saved and I put in an offer on a beach house that I fell in love with. To my surprise, my offer was accepted and I resigned from my job in the city. It was springtime and that meant that I was in need of a new air conditioner before the hot summer season came. I went to see an AC company in town to talk about the current A/C system. However, he suggested that I contact an expert to go and measure the size of the plan I needed. Up until that time, I’d always thought one AC machine worked with all houses and that it was a one size fits all situation. But, that wasn’t the case. Actually, getting the wrong Heating and Air Conditioning size could affect our home air conditioner. The AC company was right, and the Heating and Air Conditioning expert I hired taught me and helped me so much.



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