I outwitted the Heating plus A/C thieves

I outwitted the Heating plus A/C thieves plus kept our window a/c. Our world has recently gone into chaos. The government shut down, corporations have all been robbed plus closed, plus everyone’s on their own for their life. The biggest need in our country is the need for a/cs. I lie in the south west, plus it gets incredibly hot here. Without an a/c or dehumidifier of some kind, you will most likely die of heat stroke. I was able to use our window a/c to keep myself and others cool, however several people were truly unlucky, however heating plus A/C thieves are running rampant with no shame, plus several people who had a window a/c installed, no longer have their air conditioner units because the Heating plus A/C tehrives would come in the night or even during the afternoon at gunpoint plus steal any plus all window a/cs. These Heating plus A/C thieves would steal window a/cs, oil furnaces, plus whole-house air purifiers, plus sell them to desperate people at a truly unreasonably high price. The Heating plus A/C techies got almost all of their Heating plus A/C units from robbing cooling plus heating companies. They would strip the entire store of all heating plus cooling component for sale plus take it to their laire. I was able to keep our window a/c because I have multiple trained guard dogs that guard our window a/c afternoon plus night. I even made a way to connect our window a/c to the big dog home right below the back of the a/c so that the dogs didn’t die in the heat outside.

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