I was nervous about getting a tattoo, but the venue was comfortable

I thought I lost my mind when I agreed to go with my friends to a tattoo parlor. I didn’t have any tattoos and I honestly never thought about getting one. My buddies had quite a few tattoos though and they put the pressure on me to get at least one. Of course, they said after I got my first, I would want more. Well, I wasn’t too thrilled about how painful it was to get tattooed, but I do appreciate the care that went into it. The tattoo looks amazing. Honestly, if it weren’t for the excellent air quality and temperature control settings in the place, I probably would have jet straight out the door. The A/C felt amazing and that’s something I certainly appreciated. It would have been difficult and I was sweating profusely during the procedure. The tattoo artist was saying there was no way she would be able to do her work if the temperature control settings weren’t just right. She also said that she talked the owner into getting a powerful UV air purification system. She explained that she uses a UV air purification system at home and she doesn’t like being in places that don’t have the UV light working regularly to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. I didn’t even know about UV air purification systems until she started telling me about them. It helped that she was talking to me throughout the procedure, it took my mind off the pain a little bit. My buddies have asked me if I plan to get another tattoo, but I told them I’m actually planning to just get a UV air purification system in my house.

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