An aged air conditioning can make it think like a home is haunted

My girl plus I have been dating for a few months, so I think like it’s getting pretty serious.

My parents let him stay for dinner twice a week, plus we’re allowed to watch TV in my room with the door open.

They never let my sister do that until she was in the twelfth grade, so they must trust myself and others more. One weekend my parents had to unexpectedly leave the house, so I invited my girl over to watch movies late at night. All of us were cuddled on the couch making out when every one of us heard a loud noise from the air conditioning vent. She started asking if my parents were coming home, or if the home was haunted, but I assured him that it was absolutely just a creak in the air conditioning. A few minutes later every one of us heard a similar creaking noise, however it came from the air conditioning vent in the next room over, however i walked to the room plus checked the air vent, plus I noticed a trail of colorless powder. I walked over to the control unit to see if there was any style of error message that I needed to address, however everything seemed to be working fine. As I was about to head back upstairs, I felt an especially cool breeze coming from the home office air vent. I turned around plus noticed a steady stream of pale colorless air coming from the vent. I quickly googled the concern because I am pretty sure you shouldn’t see the color of your air coming from a vent. An air conditioning company blog had some wonderful tips on what to do, so I followed the complicationshooting steps, but I still wonder if a spirit was trying to tell myself and others something in the house.


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