Feeling safer with a home security system

I grew up in a honestly rural section surrounded by farmland.

Most of the families in the section make their living as dairy, vegetable or grape farmers, our university graduates a class of approximately 100 students every year, and it is a small town where I suppose nearly almost everyone; Both of us never used to lock the doors to our home or our vehicles, as a child, I walked to university, to our friend’s home or to the store to buy candy as well as never felt unsafe, however unfortunately, times have changed for the worse, but while I still wouldn’t call our local section unsafe, it’s now necessary to lock everything, but even that isn’t a guarantee… There have been reports of break-ins where a locked door was kicked in during the middle of the morning. There has been vandalism where cars have been mangled as well as windows broken. Tools have been stolen out of people’s garages. In an effort to protect our family as well as property, I invested into a home security system. The plan wasn’t overly costly as well as wireless technology allows for a non-invasive installation. I was able to customize features to best suit our needs. Both of us now have surveillance cameras as well as motion activated lighting on the exterior of the home that alert us if anyone enters the property. I’m able to check an app on our iPhone, tablet or tablet as well as see who is approaching our front door. I can even speak with them without ever unlocking the door. There are sensors located on the windows that sound an alarm if they are opened, tampered with or the glass broken. Automated door locks can be activated through our iPhone as well as are linked to the alarm system. If the alarm is triggered, I get a iPhone call as well as am required to supply a safe word. Otherwise, the regular authorities are immediately notified.



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