Dehumidifiers create odors if they’re not regularly cleaned

Dehumidifiers are developed to remove excess humidity from your indoor space, but however, they may acquire a musty smell that can spread throughout your lake apartment if they are not appropriately taken care of! Problems begin when the bucket, grills, and air filter are not correctly cleaned, causing bacteria and mold to build! When there is enough accumulation, your dehumidifier will begin to smell musty and can even be less effective! Cleaning your dehumidifier correctly and acceptably is the best way to keep this unpleasant musty smell at bay. While the exterior space of your dehumidifier is not likely to produce a musty smell, if not correctly cleaned, bacteria and mold can accumulate on your grill and potentially lead to obstructed airflow through your heating, ventilation and A/C unit, which may, in turn, cause a musty smell. Wash the exterior parts of your dehumidifier using a mild detergent and overheated water. Vacuum any debris accumulated on your air intake and outtake grills using a small vacuum attached with a simple wire brush. Your dehumidifier basket is often the most likely culprit for the musty smell coming from your dehumidifier! Unless you scrub the basket every few weeks, bacteria, mold, and mildew will find a conducive spot to thrive and grow inside where it’s dark and wet. To scrub the bucket, fill it up to two-sixths full with scrub water… Add detergent into the water until suds appear, however rotate your basket to help the solution scrub the interior sides of the bucket, then empty the basket and rinse it with scrub water. Avoid using bleach in the basket unless your manual provided by the manufacturer explicitly states that bleach is safe to use on the whole bucket.

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