That's going to leave a dent

After last weekend I have officially decided that I am done hosting parties. After weeks and weeks of my two roommates trying their best to convince me to let them have a small “get together” I finally gave in. As the weekend rolled around and people began arriving by the dozens, I realized that I had made a big mistake. A few hours later as the party was at its peak I suddenly heard a loud bang sound coming from the living room. After moving through the crowd of intoxicated and rowdy college students, I came to find that someone had tried to pick up a keg of beer, which had slipped out of his hands and smashed into our air conditioning unit. Not only was that a/c unit extremely expensive, but we had just gotten it installed into our home three weeks ago. After the massive damage that it took the air conditioning unit stopped producing cool air. Within half an hour the majority of the part was starting to call it a night due to the lack of heating and how late in the night it was getting. Once I was eventually able to find my two roommates and tell them the disaster that had happened with our a/c unit, they both just shrugged and started talking about how awesome the party was. I couldn’t believe it. I might have to find new roommates or I might have to find another place to live for my next two years in college, but this is my last straw with my roomates!


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