A family treasure

My mom and my dad have always been major fans of mementos. Ever since I can remember they have constantly been holding onto all sorts of things from old postcards to classic cars from the 70’s. When my parents passed away a few months ago, my brothers and sisters were surprised to find out that our parents had detailed in their will who was in charge of taking care of certain pieces of memorabilia they had left behind. My parents had some very old and rare things in their home, and out of all of the things to give me they decided to let me have their old heating and cooling unit. This unit was the very definition of old. It was extremely old and rusty, and was apparently one of the first heating and cooling units that was sold to the public. I decided that the best option for me was to see how much I could get for it at a pawn shop. Going into the pawnshop I figured that I would get a few hundred dollars at most. However after the manager saw the old heating and cooling unit he told me that collectors would fight over a unit as old as this. The unit was given an estimate of nearly ten thousand dollars at the least! I know that my brothers and sisters might be upset about me selling the unit so soon after my parents died, but I think the real jealousy was due to the fact that they wish they had been given this old hunk of metal.

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