Visiting the alma mater

After I graduated college twenty years ago it feels as if life as been on a fast forward button.

With the marriage to my wife, my job, and the birth of my three kids my days are jam packed with all sorts of activities. Last weekend, however I was lucky enough to head back to my college and attend my first homecoming since my senior year. I met up with a bunch of my buddies that I graduated with and we were able to sit back and relax while tailgating for the big football game. From the moment I stepped on campus on our tour after the game was over I couldn’t believe all of the changes that had been made on campus. For starters, they had state of the air air conditioning all over campus. From what I have heard the athletic teams have been over achieving and bringing in tons of money and notoriety. Apparently this has compelled many companies around the area to donate money and services in order to get some extra advertisement. I am not sure if all of the air conditioning units that they donated to the school ended up working out for them, but it sure is clear that the school is getting a great deal. Back when I was still there the teams were so bad that none of the companies around our area had any desire to work with us in terms of advertisement. It sure must be nice to be a student at the school nowadays compared to years ago when I was still there.

Heating and air conditioning system