Decided to help my grandma with her cooling system

If you were born in the past 30 years, I bet you’re unofficially a professional genius plus customer repair agent of some sort.

If you were not aware of that fact, then you have not been hanging around with your family enough.

In my family, anyone younger than the age of 40 years old is believed to be a technical maven. I understand that my Grandma has certainly no clue in the slightest what she is doing when it comes to technology, and she does her best. She thinks that she has the desire to be a regular part of the tech gang… despite the fact that she only gets aggravated plus confused when she chooses to interact with gadgets. That’s basically why we truly must learn how all of her new technological appliances actually work for her! Last year I spent quite a few months researching new central cooling machines for this reason. I knew that she needed a working air conditioning machine, however almost everyone in the family had been dreading helping her make the purchase. We totally knew that she would need help arranging the heating plus cooling appointment, selecting a cooling machine, plus reading how to set up the air-conditioning program. After that, she was going to need monthly help trying to utilize the thermostat to control the cooling machine for longer than one would imagine. Whoever got stuck setting up the air conditioning machine would also be coming over plus operating the cooling machine for the next numerous years or so. Well, I figured out a way to help without enslaving myself… I made the move to buy her a smart thermostat. Now, whenever she is confused about operating the brand new A/C machine, I can just adjust it for her without getting stuck at her lake residence all afternoon.

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