The air conditioner in my mom’s car stopped working

I am so blessed to have an absolutely amazing mother.

She is the strongest and sweetest woman I know. I absolutely love her. About two years ago, my dad passed away. It was very hard on my mom, but she still kept helping others and smiling as she went through even the lowest valleys of her life. Although she is doing well emotionally, she is not doing super well physically. Her health is not terrible, but she is getting older, and it is starting to show. My husband, Todd, tries to help her with household repairs and things that my dad used to do as much as possible. I hope that she will be able to move in with us soon. Two weeks ago, the air conditioner in my mom’s car decided to go out. It started subtly, but eventually, it went out completely. She told me one day that the air coming out of the vents was not as cool as it should be, and within a few days, it stopped blowing cool air completely. My husband does not know a lot about cars, but he wanted to fix my mom’s air conditioner. He did some research online, and he found out that one of the lines in the car probably had a leak. He ran some coolant through the lines that had a blue dye in it, so he could find the leak. He actually found two leaks in the same line. Thankfully with a little help from a neighbor, he was able to replace that AC line in her car. Now, my mom has air conditioning in her car once again!


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