Mini Spit HVAC Completes the Home Gym

I have never been much of work out person.

There was a time when I was quite young that I signed up for a sweaty HVAC deprived gym so I could get buff for the girls.

That ended up costing me money because I never really went and I couldn’t get out of the contract. Since then, I just haven’t been very interested. Golf and the occasional walk were about the closest I got to a work out for most of the rest of my adult life. However, I’m now in my fifties and the doc says I need to do more weight and cardio training to stay fit. I very much want to be active for as long as I can so I took his recommendation to heart. But, I just didn’t want to belong to a gym. The answer was for my wife and I to turn one of our kids old room into a home gym. We got the equipment here and there over a month or so. It’s amazing how many people are selling exercise equipment! The home gym was great but we kept running into the same problem. We simply could not cool off the home gym room enough. I called the local HVAC guys to see what they thought. There suggestion was to have a mini split heating and cooling system put in just that room. The beauty of the mini split system is that it is completely ductless. There is only an air handler on the wall and a small condenser unit outside. That’s it and the installation took less that half a day. We have been so very pleased with the results.

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