Temperature Gun Provides Insight to HVAC Costs

My mind reels at all the gadgets there are out there. I have an instant meat thermometer that is waterproof, instantaneous and has a magnet so it lives next to my grill. Something like that wasn’t even available a decade ago. And, if it was I would have had to pay a hundred bucks in some fancy kitchen store. I got this online for like 9 bucks. Oh and it has a light. I just love all the things I can get now to make my life just that much easier. I try to limit myself to a new gadget per month. My latest, greatest tool has been a very cool hand held temperature gun. Literally, all you do is point it at something and it will give you a fairly accurate read on the temp. I didn’t get this thing just to have it. In fact, it was an essential piece in my overall war on cutting HVAC energy costs. My house is in an area where the winter can be brutal. It is seriously cold here for like 6 months a year. So, the costs for running the HVAC furnace all winter can be like paying a car payment each month and then some. I wanted to reign in those costs so I asked the HVAC guy the best DIY solution to reducing the HVAC load during the winter. He said get a temp gun and find every place on the exterior of my house where treated air is leaking out. Basically, just seal up the house. The temp gun worked perfectly for this. I’m now saving over 20 percent on my furnace bills during the winter.

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