We love our old house now

We really love living in our old farmhouse now, but when we first bought the place, there was a ton of work that had to be done.

I don’t think that we really realized all of the work that was actually going to have to go into the remodeling of the house when we first purchased it, honestly.

We thought that we were just going to have to put in a new HVAC system but it ended up being a lot more than that. I mean, it really wouldn’t have been that big of a deal to have to get a new furnace and air conditioning system installed but then we found out that we needed to run all new ductwork in the house, too. Not only that, but the fireplace wasn’t exactly up to speed, either. There were so many things that we needed to do that we were a little bit overwhelmed at first. We decided to just go ahead and hire an HVAC contractor to deal with all of the heating, cooling, and ventilation stuff for us. It was just too much for us to handle and even though it cost us a lot more than we were planning on spending, it was worth it in the end. We ended up with a really high quality, high efficiency heating and cooling system and with radiant heated flooring in the kitchen and the master bathroom. The fireplace has been converted to a gas fireplace now and it’s amazing. I love the look of the whole house these days but I have to say that the money that we spent on the HVAC upgrades was the best money that we ever spent!

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