My parents like their house warm

I don’t know when my parents got so old.

I guess I haven’t been getting any younger myself but it has finally hit me that my parents are old now.

Yes, they look like somebody’s grandparents now. I guess that is because they are grandparents now. However, it is not just their appearances that make me understand that my parents are getting old. It is their habits too. For example, my dad does crossword puzzles now. When did my dad start doing crossword puzzles? Additionally, they keep their house super hot now. I visited over the holidays and I couldn’t sleep because it was so hot in the house. I have heard that elderly people like to keep their homes very warm but I didn’t know it was true until now. I kid you not, my parents thermostat never dropped below 80 degrees. It seemed like the furnace was on all of the time. I was so hot and uncomfortable. I closed the vents in my old room but that didn’t help much. After the holidays I was very glad to go back to my own home where I have the thermostat set to about 73 degrees and I can sleep. I guess seeing my parents old made me realize that I am only about 25 years behind them. So in 25 years will I crank my furnace to maximum heat and start doing crossword puzzles too? I hope not but it is possible. In the meantime, I will keep enjoying online gaming and more sensible thermostat settings.

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