What business needs a commercial boiler?

My brother works for a commercial chiller and boiler rental company.

He installs the equipment for a lot of different businesses.

Needing large scale cooling makes sense to me. Gyms, old estates, pharmaceutical companies and even chemical plants would benefit from high intensity cooling. What about the food and beverage industry? They would too! I had a hard time trying to figure out a business that would need a large scale boiler system. I figured that boilers are usually in a person’s home. So a college being like a large home makes sense having a large boiler system. But, what else would need giant amounts of heating? Well turns out a lot of different places would benefit from a temporary boiler rental. A brewery or distillery needs instant hot water and would use a boiler. Laundry complexes use water and have specific steam demands. The textile industry and also healthcare facilities would benefit from a boiler rental. I recently talked to my brother and he went to an automotive manufacturing business. Apparently large amounts of steam is needed for vulcanized rubber in tires, and carbon fiber for various vehicle components. There are apparently many components that require fluctuating steam needs. A steam boiler is absolutely vital and could really hinder production if it went down. It is interesting to think that so many businesses need the right temperature or else they are screwed. I know my brother feels pretty awesome when a company’s boiler or chiller goes down and he fixes it or gives them a new system. He is saving their livelihood.
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