Thought of my aunt when I was going to get my ductwork cleaned

My aunt is definitely a germ-a-phobe… Everything has to be incredibly clean all of the time. She definitely is one of those people who carries around hand sanitizer and uses it several times every hour… Her whole property is white, the walls are white, the counters are white, the cabinets are white, the bedding is white, and even the carpeting is white. I feel this is so she can notice any dirt that may be in the place. I also feel it is because she wants to be able to bleach everything in the property. Her house smells pretty much like a hospital because she is constantly cleaning it, and you can’t help but notice. However, something I only recently noticed is the fact that my aunt doesn’t have any Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents. I had recently noticed how dusty my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents were and I definitely knew it was time to contact my HVAC company and have my HVAC duct cleaned. Then I started wondering about my aunt’s HVAC duct and if she gets hers cleaned as often as I do. The next time I went to her property I noticed there were no vents whatsoever. When I asked how she keeps her property so comfortable separate from Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents she explained that she has underfloor heating and cooling. Of course she brought up the fact that it is basically impossible to keep forced air heating and cooling HVAC ducts clean. She didn’t say it like that but I easily understood what she meant. She also said that forced air systems tend to spread germs all over the property. I certainly could argue about air filters with high MERV ratings and getting your HVAC duct cleaned often but I knew that wouldn’t be enough for my aunt. Besides, she already had her heating and cooling equipment all figured out.


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