The A/C upgrade in our church was long overdue

The potluck I mean

Our little town doesn’t have a great deal of currency. It actually used to be a coal mining town however not anymore. Most people are actually getting government aid, and that is why it took us such a long while before the people I was with and I were able to replace the cooling appliance in our church building. It is pretty difficult to tithe when you can barely put food on the table! But the church has needed an up-to-date cooling appliance for over 2 years now. The outdated cooling appliance got honestly tepid & then easily quit working altogether. Then every one of us were able to pay for a Heating & A/C worker to take a look at it however there was nothing that could be done to save the 20 year outdated cooling appliance. It was basically time for an up-to-date HVAC appliance. However someone brought in a used window a/c appliance to actually hold us over until the people I was with and I could cover the cost for an up-to-date central a/c appliance. That took 2 undoubtedly boiling years. So when the people I was with and I finally saved up enough cash for the up-to-date cooling system it was cause for celebration. The Heating & A/C appliance worker came back & honored the original quote. He got the up-to-date cooling appliance easily installed while the rest of us started setting up the potluck. By the time frigid air was coming out of our HVAC ducts our potluck was in full swing. Everyone had a wonderful time. Even the Heating & A/C appliance worker had a plate of my fried chicken. Overall it was a really nice potluck & the people I was with and I should do this more often. The potluck I mean. I sincerely hope the church doesn’t have any more expensive repairs for a long period of time.

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