I don’t know how people used to live without air conditioning

I don’t know how it is possible that people survived for years without air conditioning.

However without air conditioning.

The heat makes everyone angry, from the poorest people to the richest king, everyone was stuck with fans to cool off until the air conditioning was invented. Many people would be overworked in the sunlight and died of heat stroke. When people rested for the next day, they would lie away covered in sweat without the air conditioning and imagine the first time that the inventor experienced the cool air from the first air conditioning. It must have been quite great. No longer were you forced outside of your house because of the terrible heat of the indoors! You could relax and stay comfortable in your house, doing the things that interest you. M grandfather talks about the days before air conditioning like they were a magical wonderland, even though he also lived in the days when pop had addictive drugs in it. They really needed it to, because they had no air conditioning to help them find relief throughout the day. I am sure that people during the more recent years in history tried to find ways to beat the heat of the summer. Some placed their homes in the deeper woods or the highest mountains, where the weather conditions would be cooler. That would stop their need for an air conditioning, but those areas must have been terrible during the winter. In the end, there never was, nor will there ever be, a better invention than the air conditioning. I am not sure why we don’t celebrate the man who invented this marvelous HVAC system.
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