Saving massive energy with less AC device use

Every year around this time my household gets entirely bonkers.

Everyone starts getting into the holiday spirit which can abruptly fly off the rails.

When people start getting gleeful about the holidays my household starts to become chaotic & pricey. It does not help that my family is dead set on using as many string lights as they can get their hands on to light up the entire town with a brilliant display wrapped around our household. As you can imagine, it becomes rather pricey to keep all of these lights on every single year. That’s why I start saving up for our Christmas light fund before the frosty season is even in sight. In fact, this warm season I was actively cutting down on our energy expenses by modifying the central heating, cooling, & air quality control method settings in the name of our eventual Christmas celebration. I came to realize that we spend a great deal of cash in the Summer using our big air conditioner device. It’s not easy to keep an entire household adequately chilled when the outdoor weather conditions are so warm & completely humid. The group of us typically wind up spending a lot on our utility bills because the air conditioner device is responsible for maintaining a proper of high quality indoor air. This warm season, I started augmenting the temperature control unit settings little by little so that we utilized the air conditioner device a great deal less. Each day I would bump up the air temperature settings by a couple of degrees so that the family would not notice a huge change in the indoor air conditions. By the end of the season, we had saved enough cash on our energy bill to justify this immense Christmas lights display.

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