Sugaring is the better method

I’ve tried waxing for hair removal, as well as it’s just too difficult for me. I also ended up with entirely nasty red patches because it irritated my sensitive skin so badly. For years, I stuck with shaving as well as dealt with constant stubble… When someone proposed that I try sugaring, I thought they were talking about some kind of baking technique. Upon further explanation, I learned that it’s entirely a method of hair removal. I was a little reluctant because sugaring is similar to waxing in that it pulls the hair from the root! But, the paste is made of lemon, water as well as sugar, and the ingredients are warmed until they form a sugary, watery consistency, as well as it’s applied to the skin after cooling. The mixture is really good as well as way more environmentally-friendly than wax. The main difference is the direction from which the hair is removed. With waxing, the mixture is applied in the same direction as hair growth as well as removed in the reverse direction. The sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth as well as removed in the same direction as the hair is growing. It is removed with small, fast pulls. Waxing tends to split hair follicles in half. However, the sugaring paste won’t stick to the skin, so it only removes the hair, avoiding red bumps! Because of this, it can be used for air removal from the legs, arms, underarms, pubic area, face as well as anywhere. While sugaring isn’t a pleasant experience, it entirely isn’t quite as painful as waxing.