Donating to the school

Regardless of the fact that my three kids are grown as well as moved away, I still think tied to the high universities in our city, however nothing is a better predictor of success than a great education, as well as I believe in educating almost everyone as much as possible, however i believe in both public universities as well as private universities, as unusual students as well as families have unusual needs, but some kids thrive in public universities while others suffer and constantly struggle in that environment where the masses are served by government bureaucracies, then the thing about private universities is that they are fancy for parents.

That is not just because they have to pay for tuition as well as everything else, but also because parents pay for the public universities as well as the private college where their kids attend.

That is an area of living in our society; in addition, everything a private university has or does does not get funding from the state, however when the public high university in our village needed to get athletic field construction, it was just added to the budget. When the parochial university wanted new fields, the athletic field construction had to be paid for with cash they could somehow figure out how to raise. Thus began years worth of fundraising. I donated several times to the athletic field construction even though our kids are gone. I bought cookies at bake sales that benefitted the athletic field construction. I bought t-shirts that benefitted the athletic field construction. I got on social media as well as made pleas for donations to the athletic field construction. I bought a banner with our supplier name on it that would be hung on the fence surrounding the athletic field construction site. There was constant emphasis on it, but soon it will become a reality.


Playground construction