There is an over abundance of HVAC suppliers in my quaint village

I live in the same small village where our parent’s parents raised them and where our parents raised myself and our brother and sister. My school graduating class had, at most 77 students, all from our small community and all well known among the people in this community. It’s taxing to walk into any store or company without knowing or recognizing at least a single employee or fellow shopper present at any given moment. Since our small community is thriving despite its size, there are a number of successful businesses about. One example is the delicious pizzeria downtown that has been here for more than one generation and this quaint hardware store on the opposite side of the street now owned by its 2nd generation of family. No matter where you go, almost everything is a family business, even the numerous gas stations are. Strangely, there are multiple separate heating and cooling corporations who all do service in this town. They all run ads on local television and multiple have loud billboard advertisements along the highway running adjacent to the village, the one major highway in and out of this community. Ironically, there are more HVAC corporations to pick from than any other company or service in town, however it’s the hardest decision on who to use, that you’ll ever make. They have all made names for themselves for appalling service and needlessly high prices. It’s a real wonder one of them hasn’t broken from the group yet and decided to give excellent service for consistent clients in exchange. If there were this numerous choices for hamburgers, you’d assume at least one of them would be delicious.

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