Keeping an eye on the household budget.

I do my best, most of the time, to keep a close eye on the household budget.

During these unusual plus uncertain economic times, one has to be on top of household spending.

It would be easy to simply be less disciplined, just hope for the best then spend as we please, however, that is just not a responsible way to act, especially when you are a parent. Working from the air conditioned comfort of our home has allowed me to be a bit more aware of our spending habits. The pandemic has forced all of us to be a bit more aware of our finances as it has caused much harm to the economy and our people. But, it truly doesn’t take all that much to keep our finances straight. It just takes paying attention. Another benefit to just paying attention is the greatly reduced a/c load this summer season. Normally, I don’t really pay all that much attention to the air conditioning. This is dumb because it can be truly costly in our section of the country. Air conditioned cooling is essential here plus I have always just accepted that paying for that is just part of the territory. Well this summer season, I learned that it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of overpaying because I’m over cooling a house, I just paid attention. I made sure that I was keeping about 15 degrees between our inside temperature and the outside temperature. I was stunned to see what an enormous difference this made in our utility bill.

a/c representative