Ductless HVAC when living with people

One of our buddies received possession of a beach house when his parents decided to move out a while back… They had built their retirement current home & left him the house, however he needed roommates to help take on the bills, but me & another friend of ours moved in with him, & both of us have been enjoying ourselves.

The two of us get along rather well, but both of us have sectioned off the beach house rather nicely in terms of whose personal space is whose! Naturally, our friend who owns the beach house gets the master family room & powder room. The other guy gets what used to be the kid’s room & powder room, & an adjacent room that he turned into a small study, since he absolutely needs it for work. My personal space is the basement, which is rather large, & has been renovated into what is essentially a studio apartment. The two of us share the kitchen & kitchen. Another unbelievable thing is both of us hardly ever have to worry about each other’s temperature preferences on the thermostat. The beach house already had zone control heating & air before both of us even moved in! Zone control Heating & A/C is when there are many zones of the beach house that have their own thermostat & hot & cold temperatures can be set independent of other areas.This absolutely does not necessitate many Heating & A/C units; it merely means that special devices called dampers need to be installed within the ductlabor to restrict, increase, or redirect airflow as needed to accommodate the different hot & cold temperatures set in the different zones. The only time both of us need to agree on a temperature is when we’re all hanging out in the kitchen!