My buddy and I made a bet on a football game

My friend and I were both certain that our teams were going to beat the other when our football teams were facing each other.

He said that we should make it interesting with a bet.

I was on and said that the loser would have to buy the winner a new UV air purifier. I always wanted to have a nice UV air purifier to make the air quality better in my home. I also wanted the UV light in particular because I read that it kills the dangerous germs in your home. He agreed to the bet and then we watched the game. The game was actually pretty crazy and we were both losing our minds at different calls that were made that we disagreed with. I was close to ripping my hair out towards the end of the game. I kept having to crank up the A/C system a little bit because I was feeling so stressed and overheated. Eventually though, my team got a beautiful interception and ran the ball back for a touchdown. This put my team in the lead and then my team’s defense was able to stop my buddy’s team. My team won in the end and I was doing my victory dance in front of my friend. He was really mad but a bet was a bet and he ended up getting me a really nice UV air purifier. Now every single time we watch football together, I am always using that UV air purifier and it has improved the air quality a great deal in my home.


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