It has been awhile since I cleaned my HVAC vents

It has been awhile since I have cleaned my HVAC vents.

I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I had cleaned my HVAC vents until I started smelling a very rancid smell in my kitchen.

I thought that it was the trash or maybe the dirty dishes in the sink, so I took out the trash and washed the dirty dishes. The smell was still there after I cleaned up though. I decided to go through and do a mini cleaning spree in my house. I cleaned most of the downstairs from top to bottom. It took me about ten hours, but it was worth it in the end. During my cleaning spree, I realized that the rancid smell that I was smelling was coming from the HVAC vent in the kitchen. I tried to vacuum it out, but I couldn’t find the piece to my vacuum that extended the hose, so I couldn’t reach whatever was making the smell. Well, I had to work all day yesterday, so I couldn’t get rid of the smell, and I ended up having to take a last minute trip all day today, so my house still smells terrible. I realize that I need to clean my HVAC vents more often, but I just don’t remember to. I think that after I find out what is making the rancid smell in the HVAC vent in my kitchen, I may be pursued to clean my HVAC vents more often. I can only imagine what is in that HVAC vent. It may be food or worse. It could be a dead animal. All I know is that I need to clean that HVAC vent as soon as possible.



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